A lecturer of Harvard's Kennedy School, Bruce Schneier has written a book with the title "Cryptography Engineering".This domain name is inspired from that book.

Owner of this domain is Muhammad Naveed Khurshid, who reads Schneier's books and is admirer of Schneier contribution on the topics of Security.
The content of this domain is under construction. However, the aims and purposes of this domain are following;
  • Formed with Global Perspectives in mind
  • Focus on Cryptography Engineering best practices
  • Promotes Cryptography Engineering Research & Education from basic to advance level
  • Solve Cryptography Engineering issues, problems & challenges
  • Support Cryptography Engineering innovation
  • Promote Entrepreneurs to come up with new inventions
  • Industry Academia Linkage at global level
  • Organize events, conferences at global level
  • Writing knowledgeable blogs for readers and viewers